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 Miles Ward
Miles Ward Global Head of Solutions, Google Cloud Platform Google
Miles Ward is a three-time technology startup entrepreneur with a decade of experience building cloud infrastructures. Miles is Global Head of Solutions for the Google Cloud Platform; focused on delivering next-generation solutions to challenges in big data and analytics, multi-tiered storage, high-availability, and cost optimization.  He worked as a core part of the Obama for America 2012 “tech” team, crashed Twitter a few times, helped NASA stream the Curiosity Mars Rover landing, and plays electric sousaphone in a funk band. 

January 29th, Day 3

11:30 AM Data, Deep Learning, and Distributed Software: actually changing the world with Google

By combining substantial innovations in efficiently storing and processing data, the Cambrian explosion of innovation around machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, convolution and specific artificial intelligence, together with a steep drop in the level of effort required to build automatically scaling globally distributed applications, I think we can all agree we're at a pretty interesting place in time. This "perfect triangle" of accelerating factors is making whole classes of previously unassailable problems suddenly tractable, and in some cases pedestrian.