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Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Day 1

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Registration / Welcome Brunch
11:00 AM Registration

Delegate and Sponsor Orientation
11:45 AM Introduce Mobile Application

12:00 PM Ice Breaker

Becoming “Amazon-like” is dependent on data, big data, analytics and making automated decisions at scale. Some examples of business value through personalization are as follows:

•    Improving Client Experience by automatically adjusting our site based on the client’s preferences, like the landing page, navigation paths, or maybe their preferred modules on any of our platforms
•    Engendering Loyalty through knowing the kind of stuff that our clients are reading, whether it’s news about a company, a press release, or a research report. Then automatically providing them investment information that’s relevant to them. All without them asking for it.

Creating this value is one thing, but sustaining the value is quite another. The latter requires a solid Data & Analytics Strategy, essential elements of which will be set forth in this presentation.

 Derek Strauss
Derek Strauss
Chief Data Officer

1:05 PM Improving Health Outcomes with Evidence-Based Digital Medicine: A Ventures-Based Model for Data/Analytics Monetization

Luca Foschini , Cofounder and Head of Data Science, Evidation Health

Focused on generating real-world clinical and economic evidence for digital health products and platforms, Evidation Health combines health outcomes data with new approaches to predictive analytics to identify and deploy the most effective and efficient patient management strategies and interventions.

According to digital health seed fund Rock Health, more than $4B was invested in over 250 digital health companies in 2014 alone. As this new breed of disruptive tools and technologies enter the market, healthcare purchasers struggle to identify those that will most significantly impact outcomes and improve patient care. Digital disruption in the health care industry has introduced a number of new but often unproven products and services. With Evidation Health, we will be able to not only improve outcomes, but also ensure that the best products reach patients.

The company is focused on forging new partnerships while continuing its corporate and academic collaborations with Humana, Biogen Idec., Sanofi, Stanford Health Care, Harvard Business School and Wharton, amongst others.

Luca Foschini will lead this session on the development, case studies and future direction of Evidation Health which envisions a digital health-enabled future where clinical interventions can be customized and concentrated in ways that maximize clinical and economic benefit for payers, providers and, most importantly, patients.
Luca Foschini
Cofounder and Head of Data Science
Evidation Health

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Many firms struggle with how to ensure their Enterprise Data Governance efforts quickly deliver business value in their organizations, and also how to ensure sustainment of these organizations post the initial launch and investment.   Our session will provide real world examples and use cases of where organizations have implemented Enterprise Data Governance, the specific aspects and components of Governance enabled, and how Governance may respond to real world business problems.  

We will address the following topics, such as:

•        What is Pragmatic Data Governance, and how does it differ from how some firms have attempted to launch their programs?
•        What frameworks / models for Enterprise Data Governance are other organizations leveraging?
•        How do we defend the costs of Enterprise Data Governance within our organization?
•        Instances of where we are seeing Regulatory drivers for Enterprise Data Governance, such as within Banking;

By the end of the course, which we encourage to be very interactive with questions and answers, participants should have a better understanding of how organizations are tackling Data Governance, and how these initiatives are adding value to their organizations.  

Matt McGivern
Managing Director

Sponsored by: Protiviti


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Master Class B
Unlocking the Value of Data: The Data Product Revolution

Blaine Mathieu , Chief Marketing and Product Officer, GoodData

Over the last 25 years enterprises have been investing massive amounts of money in BI systems, tools and infrastructure to capture data about their internal operations and customers, and provide it to internal groups of data analysts or executives. There is, arguably, an even greater opportunity to create value and generate new revenue streams by creating ‘products’ to provide that data and associated analytics out to real business decision makers in your network of customers, partners and businesses.

In this session you will learn:
•    How to define analytics that matter to your business network
•    How to bring a data product to market
•    The optimal organizational structure for creating a data product
•    Much more, including many real-world examples!

Blaine Mathieu
Chief Marketing and Product Officer

Sponsored by: GoodData


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4:05 PM Driving Customer Experience with Data Intelligence

Odile Roujol , Advisor-in-Residence, Next World Capital

Enterprises can create enormous value with and through customer experience  if the data and business teams are properly focused on benefits for the customer and consequently the company itself. We are currently on the verge of revolutionizing business operations with the  sheer volume of data available, the specializations represented by startups who are enterprise- able,  and a shift in business focus away from campaigns to customer -centric interactions.

How well does your organization manage its data,  external data, data/tech alliances, partnerships into nimble constellations of new opportunities for customer interaction and growth in real time? Are you an ‘Open Innovation’ company ? Are you willing to test and learn in an agile environment like that which is available today ?

This session will provide a glimpse into approaches to customer interaction to drive engagement and growth at Orange France and Next World Capital via internal and external data via constellations of partners around specific problems, issues, challenges, opportunities that change over time while maintaining a strong partner relationship with the customer regarding the privacy and security of their data.

 Odile Roujol
Odile Roujol
Next World Capital

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Master Class
The Evolved Enterprise

Noah Horton , Chief Product Officer, Ayasdi

Every enterprise application will be impacted by the extraordinary advances being made in machine intelligence today.  From CRM to Finance, from HR to Manufacturing, Intelligence will become as pervasive as connectivity is today.  What will drive this generation intelligent applications? How does intelligence manifest itself in the enterprise?  These questions are front and center for today’s data and analytic leaders and their answers lie at framing the problem in a totally new way - one that acknowledges the challenges associated with data complexity over the challenges associated with data size.

This Masterclass will speak to the state of the art in machine intelligence, how enterprises are adopting it and why it will require a fundamental shift in how problems are characterized. 

Ayasdi is a three time recipient of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies Award and was a 2015 recipient of the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers Award.

Noah Horton
Chief Product Officer

Sponsored by: Ayasdi


4:55 PM Data Preparation Driving Business Agility and Innovation

Bertrand Cariou , Senior Director, Solutions & Partner Marketing, Trifacta

The emerging of big data as a mainstream technology foresees major benefits in business operations' effectiveness and innovation. However, the novelty of the technology and the lack of resources often prevent its business adoption to deliver on its promise.

Trifacta empowers business users to take large, unstructured, complex data sets and easily transform and combine them into clean and easy-to-analyze formats ready for consumption. In this session you will learn how Trifacta and in particular Data Wrangling helps unlock the power of big data for use by the lines of business.

We will cover how various industries use Trifacta to accelerate the adoption of Big Data and deliver dramatic improvements in business operations, as well as better and innovative business outcomes from its usage.

Bertrand Cariou
Senior Director, Solutions & Partner Marketing

Sponsored by: Trifacta


Sponsored by: Protiviti


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