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Doug Hague Chief Analytics Officer Bank Of America Merchant Services
Doug Hague is the Executive Vice President, Chief Analytics Officer for Bank of America Merchant Services. He is responsible for influencing business and portfolio strategies through data research and analysis. His team visualizes information and executes appropriate analytics that lead to operational improvements. In addition, Doug manages the company’s data to ensure quality and consistency that improve sales performance, customer profitability, and influences the strategic direction.

Prior to his current role, Doug spent eight years at Bank of America Corp leading various analytical teams and running a campus program that hired and developed quantitative leaders for the bank.

Doug is also a co-founder of the Analytics & Big Data Society in Charlotte, a non-profit company whose vision is to foster the local area as an analytics hub.

Doug has 19 years of experience across aerospace, telecom, and financial industries where he has led teams focused on research, design, manufacturing, strategy, and information management. He holds a BS degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Tulsa, MS and PhD degrees in Materials Science & Engineering from Penn State University, and an MS degree in System Design & Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Doug has published 18 articles in academic and professional journals and is a regular guest lecturer. He has also been granted four United States patents.

January 28th, Day 2

9:40 AM Turning Analytics from Internal to External by Utilizing Analytics as a Client/Customer Service

A recent (and in some ways not so recent) trend is to transform a core capability around analytics into an Analytical Service that can be sold or provided to a customer.  One hears about A/B Testing capability that can now be purchased; Monte Carlo financial modeling can now be used by an investor to understand the risk and reward of a portfolio; consulting services seem to be popping up every other day. We can all name our favorites.  Data quality, laws, regulations, and organizational structures can all impact our ability to develop and launch this type of service.  In this session, we will walk through some experiences and drive a discussion on what we’ve learned and potential ways to extract further value.