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Speaker Information

 Derek Strauss
Derek Strauss Chief Data Officer TDAmeritrade
Chief Data Officer at TD Ameritrade, with responsibility for driving Data & Analytics Strategy for the firm, including Data Governance, Data Science & Advanced Analytics, Data Architecture and Data Asset Development.

Worked in Data and Analytics for over 3 decades.  Established and managed numerous enterprise programs and initiatives covering the areas of Advanced Analytics, Data Governance, Data Warehousing, Big Data and Data Quality Improvement. Bill Inmon’s Corporate Information Factory and John Zachman’s Enterprise Architecture Framework have been the foundational cornerstones of my work.

Specialist Workshop Facilitator for Joint Planning and Design workshops. Spoke at numerous local and international conferences on Data and Analytics topics, including multi-day teaching seminars in Europe and Africa.

Board Member of The Data Management Association. Faculty Member of The Data Warehouse Institute and MIT’s CDO Forum and IQ Symposium.

Co-authored the book “DW2.0 – the Architecture for the Next Generation of Data Warehousing” – Bill Inmon, Derek Strauss and Genia Neushloss, 2008, Morgan Kaufmann.

January 27th, Day 1

12:20 PM Achieving Personalization at Scale: Using Data & Analytics to create and sustain business value

Becoming “Amazon-like” is dependent on data, big data, analytics and making automated decisions at scale. Some examples of business value through personalization are as follows:

•    Improving Client Experience by automatically adjusting our site based on the client’s preferences, like the landing page, navigation paths, or maybe their preferred modules on any of our platforms
•    Engendering Loyalty through knowing the kind of stuff that our clients are reading, whether it’s news about a company, a press release, or a research report. Then automatically providing them investment information that’s relevant to them. All without them asking for it.

Creating this value is one thing, but sustaining the value is quite another. The latter requires a solid Data & Analytics Strategy, essential elements of which will be set forth in this presentation.